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Floating Chucks: Introduction

Floating chucks are used during fine machining of bores (reaming) to compensate for lateral and angular misalignment between tool and workpiece.

Perfect parallel alignment between the predrilled hole and the cutting tool is essential for optimum performance of the reamers.
However, clock errors and positional errors can cause misalignment between tool and workpiece when processing multiple clampings or even when simply changing tools.

WELLACH Floating Chucks are designed to compensate for radial and angular misalignment, thus ensuring maximum machining performance at high speeds and with high feed forces.

The patented WELLACH Floating Chuck technology has compelling advantages:

Vibration-free compensation for run-out and alignment errors guarantees high cutting performance and long operational life. The integrated coolant supply channels provide optimum supply of cooling lubricant to the tool cutting edge, ensuring effective chip disposal and excellent surface quality.

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